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death - obituary that’s the most magical cough I’ve ever seen! Seriously this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while. Stop trying to panic people even more. You’re part of the problem not the solution.

Pam Cipolla Wear a mask, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Fear mongering is getting the best of us. We need to get back to work ASAP. And the person in the video didn’t cover his mouth either.

Craig Gibson That's not how infection spreads, just the virus. The spread decreases dramatically as you move away from the cough, so your chances of contracting are diminished greatly with distance. Even more so outside or in moving air. This is kind of a scare-mongering article that frightens people who don't have any meaningful context about how this stuff works.Merle Haggard Death - Dead :  Merle Haggard Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

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Bishop P.A. Brooks Death is a Hoax, He is not Dead.

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GREATER Brandon Burlsworth Death - Dead :  Brandon Burlsworth Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

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Kevin Barker They got to take in consideration the height of the ceiling the current temperature inside the building otherwise the model is very inaccurate and would cause people to believe that they have it

Jenalyn Bullock There has been a serious play on supermarkets lately. Wanting everyone to stay out of them. Its one story after another involving them. When people are told they can't get groceries, it will be pandemonium and its feeling like that is exactly what is being pushed.

death - obituary Oh good. Let's keep everyone in a terrified state of paralysis. That's what we need. Meanwhile, we aren't anywhere near the horrific death estimates that we were told required a shutdown. Let's move on, please.

JR Self Yeah this is a bit exaggerated I’m sorry....even if this was confirmed airborne (which it’s the opposite, being deemed only droplet at this point) this would be exaggerated. This would be more like if the patient was walking around a store while simultaneously taking a nebulized breathing treatment. Coughing and sneezing doesn’t come close to creating this kind aerosolized contamination. This model is designed to control through fear, not educate.

Molly Colangelo We were talking about this tonite. I agree that these networks must stop with this constant fear mongering. Models are being proven wrong every day. People are either living in constant fear or ignoring everything. Just keep your distance from others and wash your hands, and do the best you can. No one can do more than that.

Dorothy Asmussen-Leininger Come on Fox. I really like you guys. I really do but this kind of thing is ridiculous. That cough isn’t going to travel that far before it hits the ground. That’s just craziness. And considering that for years the majority of us have been coughing into our hand or into our sleeve now, the chances of that happening are slim

Chandler White The average grocery gondola is 60 inches tall . Assuming the man coughing is an average height of 5' 8" he would have to tilt his head back to its limit to cause a cloud to move all the way above and to the other isle. Research would show that a majority of persons coughing do so in a downward fashion. More liberal BS

Susan Thomas So what, it always works this way...we should have been doing this during flu season...washing hands and staying home if sick. My employer told me during flu season when I reported an employee puking, that they can’t force anyone to go home. Well guess what, now they can. None of us should have been exposed to the flu and they should have told that employee to go home.
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Sam Gadalla We are one of the richest, most advanced countries on the planet yet we can not provide 10 cent N95 masks to our healthcare workers and citizens to save their lives. Even now we are only making 10% of the masks needed. It is time to fully implement the Defense Production Act. death - obituary needs to require American Factories to mass produce protective gear, ventilators, the drugs needed to keep people on ventilators, prepare mobile hospitals and train EMT’s. This should have been done 3 months ago. Thousands of American lives are being lost every day because it wasn’t and still is not.

Harry Ransier
Harry Ransier So it is becoming much harder to tell who is telling the truth. First we hear that there could be 100,000s of deaths now the models were wrong and there could be far less. First there was literally MASS hysteria to get hundreds of thousands of ventilators. Now some doctors are saying that ventilators may be bad to use and may even cause death in some cases. Now some doctors are saying they are being told to say the cause of death is the Covid-19 even if it is NOT the cause of death but the person had tested positive. Sooooo who knows whaaaat the H*%% is true and what is a LIE!!!

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